The Proposal

He Said:  … he’ll write something here someday…

She Said: We’re in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii on vacation. We’re having a blast – aside from my getting sick. I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat and tried everything to get rid of it as we were going on a group hike to the Hanakapiai Falls on Wednesday. I woke up Wednesday completely unable to get out of bed, sending Scott off on his own. I was surprised that he still wanted to go as it was supposed to be a pretty intense hike.

Turns out while I had done research on the intensity of the hike, he had only looked at how beautiful the Hanakapiai Falls were and had decided that he would propose there. Oops.

His first words to me upon his very late return were “I Had No Business Being On That Hike.”

Thursday was pretty low key as we both recovered. Friday we get up and go snorkeling. Yup. I put my face IN the water. This time there was no screaming and no one got slapped. I wouldn’t say I’m over my fear of water, but I will say we are discussing a truce. It has to concede a couple swimming lesson issues to me from the 70’s, but other then that, we are good.

After snokeling, we head back to the house. I wanted to walk into town for more Shave Ice (nectar of the gods!), but Scott said he needed to rest first. Sore legs and all. I start making myself a snack and two minutes later, Scott is zipping out the door with the boys to walk into town.

Hmmmm….. ok.

When he comes back we sit around the back porch for a bit enjoying the weather and the view. We decide to go for a last walk on the beach as it’s our last full day in Hawaii. I invite others along with us. They all turn me down. We walk awake down the beach chatting a bit, enjoying each others company and the amazing view. We walked out on the pier and I wondered around and looked at the fish. He sat quietly on the bench.

I felt bad that he was still so sore from his hike.

About a third of the way back, walking through the surf, he dropped to his knees, whips out a ring with a Tahitian black pearl on it and dropped to his knees in the water and proposes. Turns out that was what he ran off to fetch with the boys.

My first response was to help him up. Then giggle. Then question. Then… finally… only once he asked again, say yes.

He said it was either going to happen in Hawaii or in DisneyWorld the following week – in Cinderella’s Castle. I of course made him do it again in DisneyWorld and this time I was quicker with my answer