Wedding Time Line

March 28th, Group outing to the Kennedy Space Center. Rehearsal Dinner at 6pm at The Dove’s Nest.

March 29th, Wedding!

March 30th, Brunch With The Newlyweds! Packing up, moving over to Disney World’s Pop Culture Resort. Pleasure Island Outing with Mona’s Mommy. We’ll probably just go to The Adventurers Club.

March 31st, Honeymooners trip to DisneyWorld with Mona’s Mommy and Sister! Who else wants to join us?

April 1st, Honeymooners trip to Epcot!  Drinking around the world with Mona’s Mommy and Sister!

April 2rd, we will be flying around the world for real – heading to India.

April 24nd, home from India

April 26th, Welcome Home Reception at Sauce