Birth Timeline via Twitter

Finally home with Dash! Thank you all for the well wishes. Will be taking visitors soon!12:52 PM Mar 9th from txt

Packing up our stuff including Dash so we can go home!11:41 AM Mar 9th from txt

@scottopia Dashiell hears the Who!11:42 AM Mar 9th from twitterrific in reply to scottopia

Dash passed his hearing screening test! Now: The Who!11:39 AM Mar 9th from txt

Omg. I finally got 3 hours sleep. Broken into 45 minute incriments. I feel like a new, no. Wait. I feel like I MADE a new person. Zzzzz….4:01 AM Mar 9th from twitterrific

Have had 4 minutes sleep(really!) but up watching Dash sleep and talking to @scottopia about the birth. Amazing!5:35 AM Mar 8th from twitterrific

For the record Dashiell San Filippo weighs 8lbs 12oz and is 1ft 9in tall. He is also a Beatles fan. That is all we know about him so far.4:30 PM Mar 8th from txt

I is a daddy!!! Dashiell San Filippo was born at 11:11 3/7/9. Mom is great. Dash is great. Dad is beaming.12:17 AM Mar 8th from txt

Startin the practice pushes. I saw the top of his head! Wow. He has hair.10:35 PM Mar 7th from txt

Mom fully dilated now. 10:20 PM Mar 7th from txt

Mona at 7 cm. .Epidural delivered. She looks beautiful and is doing great.9:01 PM Mar 7th from txt

Mmmmmmm….. Epidural. Yer doin it right.8:24 PM Mar 7th from txt

Thx to uncle andrew for taking care of @ringoongaku.7:48 PM Mar 7th from txt

At the hospital with Mona and Nana. Checking in. Contractions every 3 min or so.7:47 PM Mar 7th from txt

T minus somethig something. Mona’s water just broke. Sound check over. Gig soon to begin.6:37 PM Mar 7th from txt

@snarshad And just so you know… I missed your couch by seconds.6:53 PM Mar 7th from web in reply to snarshad

Holy crap. My water just broke.6:07 PM Mar 7th from twitterrific

Had Blue Room professionally cleaned for transition to baby’s changing room. 1st time since built U should see it. Thx @gromitgirl for ref.5:27 PM Mar 7th from txt

At doctor listening to the boy’s heartbeat and trying to coax him out. He wants to wait until the economy improves, he says.1:14 PM Mar 6th from txt