The Luck of the Cocktail

March 17th, 2006 by smoop

CES AVN 2006

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Last week we all braved the rain, snow (yes, snow. I swear to god) and hail to venture over the bridge and far away to a land called Emeryville. Perhaps some of you have heard of it. We did our happiness in a bar called Kitty’s which served all sorts of fun cocktails with herbs and fresh fruit. Even the none drinkers were impressed. No one was impressed with the food and since everyone knows there is no way to get food outside of San Francisco, we all came back across the bay to some cafe on Chestnut where apparently the waiter did not get the memo about a bunch of drunkies showing up, give them lots of water and instead brought us all shots. Hence, I can not remember that cafe’s name. It was nice. There was jazz. It was late, and I was sleepy. Yes. Sleepy.

This week we will be celebrating St Patricks day the only way I know possible. By getting as far away from Ireland’s 32 as possible. After a quick study of the map of SF, i have decided that to be Lime in the heart of the Castro. Well, not exactly IN the heart, but near the heart and more importantly, far away from the drunken frat boys with their “Kiss Me I’m Irish” stickers pasted to the front of their trousers.

We will be arriving early to get a good spot, so please RSVP and let us know if we should save a seat for you. I’m fairly certain it will get crowded. I will be arriving at 6pm – maybe a little earlier this Friday, the 17th.

2247 Market St @ 16th

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