Happy Hour On the Road Once More

March 9th, 2006 by smoop

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Last week was a fabulously well attended event! I had maybe three people RSVP and all said they needed to head in early, so I figured it was going to be an easy night. I was so incredibly wrong. People kept showing up and showing up, trying to pack around the tiny table I had saved and the waitress got overwhelmed and just started randomly adding drinks to the bill but not actually bringing them. It was the first time I’d ever had a dispute with a waiter in which they wouldn’t remove the offending items. So, 415 Asian Lounge, I say go for the food, but drink across the street at G Bar, which is what we did. Then Solstice down the street.

Suddenly it was 2am, MaryAnne was dumping me out of a cab and texting me a reminder to drink water. So much for the easy night. I woke up with my pants inside out, sticking out the top of my upright boots as if I’d shed them mid step.

Where was Scott in all this? Why wasn’t he out protecting me from myself? He was home doing Nyquil Shooters. We both woke up with a bit of a hang over.

This time we are going all the way to a place called… Emeryville. Pack your bags! Don’t forget your shots and your passports!

6702 Hollis Street

And no, I didn’t just pick it because of the name. We will be there at 6:30 friday the 10th. Please RSVP and let me know if we should save you a seat, or just stop by and risk hovering…. ;-}

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