Happy Hour: Pan Pacific

March 2nd, 2006 by smoop

Happy Hour

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So, last time we planed on heading out to see Burlesque for Happy Hour, we ended up having one to many cocktails at our first stop, bailing on our friends who did go to Benders to head over to Thee Parkside to see Devil Doll. Devil Doll didn’t go on until after midnight and after 6 hours of drinking, well, things got drunk-ugly and she was kind enough not get a restraining order, although I’m sure she will think twice about playing at Thee Parkside again. That Saturday morning was not a good day for anyone.

Turns out, that was a better happy hour for everyone involved then actually attending Burlesque at Benders.

While well attended by Cocktail Confidentialer, Benders was unfortunately even better attended by really really tall guys who stood in front of us blocking our view of the Burlesque, although we were under a half blown speaker so we could hear most of what they were dancing to quite loudly . From those lucky enough to pack themselves into an area where they could see the Burlesque, they said we might have been lucky NOT to hear the MC and that the girls weren’t all that either.

We will try to avoid both those Happy Hour options in the future.

THIS WEEK! We will be keeping things close to home and heading to the location of the old Syndy’s which was finally put out of our misery last fall. Now there is a fabulous pan asian restaurant called 415. Dumb name. Great Food. In their defense, they named it after the street address. Of course, if you need to explain the name, it’s probably a bad name. In this case, even good food needs to be explained, or perhaps simply the idea of Pan Asian. It’s tasty fusion of Japanese/ Thai/Chinese/Indian/Etc.

Happy Hour (at least with us at 415) starts at 6:30 Friday the 3rd.
I HAVE REZZIES FOR DINNER AT 8:30. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US FOR DINNER YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW. Otherwise, you can order snacks at the bar. Afterwards we may head to G bar, or… perhaps the The Blue Room @ The Embassy.
415 Lounge
415 Presidio @ California.

Also let me know if you will be joining us for cocktails so we can save you a spot.

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