A Very Special Cocktail Confidential Happy Hour…

January 26th, 2006 by smoop

This week’s Happy Hour is brought to you by me instead of Mona… we are giving her the week off because it’s her BIRTHDAY tomorrow (Jan 20)!

That is, we are not giving her the week off from ATTENDING, just the PLANNING.

Last week, Mona did not quite get to sit in a comfy chair at The Hidden Vine, but we did get to navigate a difficult and odd wine list to find a great little Pinot Noir (and I mean little – it was a 500ml bottle). From there we went to a disappointing meal at this Turkish restaurant on Geary. The last time we went it was amazing, but this time they were off, or we did not order the right things…. Or… just maybe… we were a little too drunk last time. Then we trudged through the rain to Lush (not the band) on Polk, only to find it packed with folks we didn’t feel like standing close to. So we ended up at a great bar called Blur (not the band), where Mona finally got to sit in a comfy chair.

This week I am picking the venue… and there is no place more fitting for Beautiful Mona’s Birthday Happy Hour than the Beauty Bar in the Mission (well, except maybe the Ritz Carlton, but that might prove a little pricey when we all start ordering $50 glasses of Scotch). .

So… come visit the Birthday Girl at the Beauty Bar… manicure, pedicure, and Cosmos will be in great supply.

I suggest you bring presence… I mean presents. Mona likes pink stuff, porn, Apple, Belladonna, Shoes, boobies, and camera equipment. If you combine any of these, please clear it with me first.

Happy Hour will commence at 6:30… and after dinner we hope to drag Mona somewhere with Karaoke!

Beauty Bar
2299 Mission St. (Mission @ 19th)
San Francisco,
Telephone: (415) 285 0323


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