There’s always room for Jell-o!

December 16th, 2005 by smoop

Deck the Halls in Deco

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But is there room for Devil Doll??

A quick recap of last week….you should have been there. It was a fabulous as it sounded in the invite. In case you’ve not been to Cama yet, you should make special plans to go. If there wasn’t that whole rule about not doing a happy hour bar twice, I’d be dragging us back there again this week.

Oh, and if there wasn’t punk rock burlesque and possible Jello wrestling (or in that case is it called rassling?) at Benders AND Devil Doll (of the “I don’t know if I want to DO her or BE her fame) is up from LA for a show at Thee Parkside. So now, with two fabulous events on the same night, I don’t have time to day dream about the luscious limey basilicous vodka-ness that Cama had seduced me with last week – into it’s bed even! I must make a decision. And thankfully, Jason has made it for me.

We’re going to Benders.

If you want to have a good time, but not with me, I suggest you go to Thee Parkside. Tell Devil Doll I still love her. Tell her Jason is keeping us apart. Tell her that if she can make it to Benders after her show I will arrange for her to kick Jason’s ass in the Jello, preferably to the tune of St Christopher which I’ve included in case you want to try to picture what that would like like.

What does all this caffeine inspired ranting boil down to?

We’re starting with drinks and snacks at Tres Agraves Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Lounge ( 130 TOWSEND @ 2nd St @ 6:30 on FRIDAY the 16th of December. Then heading off to Madame Maraschino’s House of Burlesque ( ) at Bender’s Bar ( 806 S. Van Ness Avenue at 19th Street in the Mission

And once again, for a good time without me, Devil Doll ( @ Remember to give her my msg. Although, should Benders fail me, I may show up there.

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