Happy Hour on Jetlag

November 23rd, 2005 by smoop

Ok. Let’s see. Leaving for my first Happy Hour in the states… what will I need, what will I need. Hmm.. Camera. Always need a camera. Never know what might happen. What else… let’s see…. lip gloss. No one wants dry chapped lips… what else… Hmm.. seems like there should be more.. oh yes, my wallet.

Five feet from the door of Dalva’s it strikes me. I wanted my AMERICAN wallet.

So here I am in the Mission with my camera, my lip gloss, no ID and about 2200 yen. Being a resourceful girl I was still able to end the night declaring “Heck yeah, I wannanother drink*hic*zzzzzzzz.”

Scott and I have since made an agreement that when I state the above, he is to quickly get me a 7up with a water back.

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