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October 25th, 2005 by smoop

Standing Bar

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Today we decided to take it easy as our feet were killing us. We did a very good job of sticking to that until we met Yoko at the Standing Bar with the Little Prices. One of our best meals in Tokyo so far. It is in a basement packed with salarymen. The bar wraps all the way around the room with the kitchen in the middle.

And by kitchen I mean running water, a small fridge, a microwave and a deep frier.

Not only are Scott and I the ONLY foreigners, Yoko and I are the only women for most of the night. Yoko gave us our most treasured present so far this trip – a small note pad in which to write Japanese words we learn. It’s come in very handy several times already to ‘Order Another Sake’ or find food that we like again. Of course it’s best use so far is reading through what we did the night before because sake seems to have a mind eraser effect on me. Yoko taught me lots of Japanese that night, and I’d forgotten it all by morning. Of course, if we hadn’t stayed in the Standing Bar with Little Prices for 4 hours, then went to see Ichi-San at Temporary Sake for another couple hours, that might not be such a problem.

Oh, and this time Scott not only got digits, he got the whole girl. Somehow we ended up at Temporary Sake with one of the salarygirls from The Standing Bar with the Little Prices.

The next morning we did find that Soba was an excellent cure for hangovers. Unfortunately, we had superexpress hangovers and Soba didn’t apply.

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