Tokyo Fish Market, Asakusa Da Feet and Defeat

October 24th, 2005 by smoop

Fish Market

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Holy Shit! Packed into the subwayon the way to Tokyo’s amazing fish market at Tsukiji. Full body contact with strangers. Adorable Japanese woman sitting in seat I’m standing in front of, resting her head on my hip. Can’t move. Scott irrated because we accidently bought JR tickets, should have bought subway tickets. Couldn’t access subway tickets until we got in JR. I think he’s more irritated because of the full body contact and the inability to drink his coffee.

As usual, we get of the train and are immediately lost. Finally follow a little man in rain boots cause it ain’t raining so we know he’s going to Tsukiji. Then lost little old man in the flea market/mall/food museum.

TONS of food stuffs on the way. Felt like Anthony Bourdain. Finally found other Americans and asked directions. Said it was quieting down. I’m not sure I could have handled it full on. Acres of fish. Scooters zooming through the middle. Live fish, dead fish, dying fish, every kind of sea creature. So much energy/activity. Amazing. Sampled Maguro. AMAZING. Wandered the side market and found someplace to eat sushi…. Maguro, Toro and O-toro (oh My). Scallop grilled in it’s own shell. Wow! Grilled eel on a stick was the most normal thing we had to eat all day.

I was trying to take pictures of everything, but it was hard to know what to shoot first. It was also hard to take pictures and not get run over. I brought my older camera so sometimes I missed shots. Wanted to go back to Akihabara to get a newer faster smaller camera but Scott is holding me back. Something about just having bought a new one … Meanie.

At one point I saw a big splash of water shoot out of a tank and went to investigate. Huge clam/oyster/shell fish tanks. I start walking away just in time to have another squirt water all over my bum to the entertainment of Mr. Oyster Seller. Aside from him, most of the fishmongers would have been happier had we not shown up. I’m fairly certain that some of the guys driving scooters had to use all their available will power not to aim for the gaijin. Some of them went ahead and aimed – but we were too fast for them.

Left for Asakusa. Lost again. Seems most days we spend a good hour or two lost. It’s nearly impossible not to. Finally accidently find what we were looking for. We pretty much gave up and paid to get into a park to see the bridges and gardens and Oh look. There’s the Ferry stop. Ferry ride to Asakusa. Lost in Asakusa for a bit. Temple. Shopping. Sesame Fried Goodness. LOST. Found. Lost.

Looking for a drink. Really. Just a cocktail. Bar? Anyone?? We walked towards the neon and found pachinko. Walked down the dark alley’s and found Korean BBQ. Fancy Hotel. $26 cover. Each. At 4 in the afternoon? I’m not that thirsty! Walking all over Asakusa. Gave up and headed home. Blue tarp bar also closed. Buy sake in quickie mart. It sucks. Really giving up. Going to bed.

My feet hurt so much I limp when I get up to go to the bathroom at 3am.

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  1. James Lynch III Says:

    No good sake in the quickie mart? We’ll talk when you get back… say hi to the coffee boy

  2. cosmo Says:

    No good sake at all. They had one cup, and several others. Covering our bases we actually bought one of each that looked promising being that they were about 200 yen each – which was much less then we would have spent at Temperary Sake aka The Blue Tarp Bar. One actually may have been some kind of disinfectent. Not sure. It was all in Kanji.

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