Kawagoe or… Burlingame?

October 23rd, 2005 by smoop


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Lots of fun figuring out public transportation in Japanese. We’re on the express, so we are either going to be in Kawagoe very soon, or… even further from it. None of our friends in Tokyo could figure out why we wanted to go to Kawagoe. I guess it was sorta like a visitor to San Francisco wanting to visit Burlingame.

Soon we are really really really really lost in what seemed like a deserted town 30 minutes outside of Tokyo. 500km to the temple. 800 km to the temple. 900 km to the temple. Are they kidding? We’re following the arrows towards it and yet still getting further away. We asked a cute little old lady for directions and didn’t understanding anything that came out of her mouth for the next ten minutes. So much for our Japanese classes.

Thought we were going into a lovely garden… nope. Graveyard.

FINALLY find the temple and it’s amazing. Pay 400 yen each to get in to the Museum. NOTHING in English. Across the way to see 500 carved stone monks. There are pictures of pretty much every one of them in my flickr account.

Adorable children. REALLY adorable children. Yam wedge fries. Yummy food we will never have again because we have no idea what it is. We can simply point, say kudasai, smile, offer yen and enjoy, or not, what we get.

Lost. Walking back and forth. Will we ever see Tokyo again? Finally figuring out useless map. Then realize we had not figured out the map, but had accidently found where we were trying to go. Heh. Oops.

Best Latte Ever. Really. Caffeinated, we are off to Candy Alley feeling like the kids in Willy Wonka. So many strange and colorful things to eat. Mmm.. and drink! Sweet Potato Beer! We do some shopping and my “otaku” (literally: Home; phrase: GEEK) boyfriend picks up some Japanese Magic Cards, and I buy several toliet toys with plastic poo in them.

We find a used record store called Hard Off (heheh) and score some Japanese Disney laser discs and a big bag of CD’s for Scott. So tired we could barely move, we got lost one last time trying to find the station home.

This was the most amazing, fun filled day that one blog post could never cover it all. You’ll have to look at the images on flickr.

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