Scott & Mona: Karaoke Style aka Won’t be Trying that at Home

October 21st, 2005 by smoop

Scott & Mona

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That wasn’t Happy Hour – That was ecstatic hour. In which I lost my virginity to Nancy Sinatra and then had a three way with Scott and Nirvana (see picture). Yes. That’s right folks. Our second night in town and we’ve already been to Karaoke. This week’s Happy Hour took place in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and was organized by our Japanese friends, Yuki and Yoko. They met us at a Standing Bar (and yes, that’s what it said on the sign, and No, there weren’t any seats). Then we walked to a Japanese Restaurant that was underground, yet looked like it was set in an amazing Japanese garden. Sort of like Disneyland. With Japanese food. Note to self: Wear cuter socks when going out with the Japanese Girls. I had my worn white boot socks on under my fabulous Daytons, which looked much better with the Daytons over them. Yoko, on the other hand had the CUTEST black toe socks.

Over fried fugu, sashimi beautifully arranged on over the dead body of one of it’s fishy friends, and some sort of dish that was apparently made of intestines (and as I thought, I don’t eat those), we talked of our alcho-kleptomania and sommmmeooonnne confessed that she steals ashtrays after a couple cocktails. Ahh.. so cute! This is not the first time we’ve heard this confession here at Cocktail Confidential and I think it’s high time we start a support group.

We can meet in bars and have tag sales to raise funds for t-shirts. No one will be cured but more people will acknowledge the problem as a legitimate disease.

At the end of the meal, we were gifted with a bag of restaurants bamboo sake containers which we had lusted after all through dinner. We had of course already snuck one into my back pack. Now I guess you all know what your getting for Christmas.

After dinner we went to Karaoke ala Lost in Translation. We had a private room with a phone to call the bar to order more drinks. Each round was delivered by an adorable Japanese boy would kneel at our table. We ordered several rounds not only to see more of the cute boy, but also because the price of the room included all you can drink.

WHY don’t we have this in the US?? Private Rooms? All You Can Drink? Music? Kneeling? We love it!

(Note from Scott: This is where we found out that Mona can sing! I mean, sing in a reverb-laden, drunken, Moscow Mule-fueled, “These Boots are Made for Walking” sort of way. Who knew? Five years together and I didn’t know she had a voice!)

After singing for two hours we stumbled off, our Japanese friends wisely headed home, and we tried to. We really did. But there was the blue tarp bar again. Temporary Sake. And it was stuffed to the rafters with cute Japanese girls. The great thing about bars made out of blue tarp is that there is always room for two more. Everyone in the bar chatted with us in English and instructed us how to order in Japanese. We practiced our Japanese, asking them where they were from, what their jobs were, and what music they liked. Or at least I think we did. The combination of jet-lag, all you can drink, and Happy Hour lasting 6+ hours caused me to lose some of those memories. They way I like to remember it is that we were both incredibly charming, spoke perfect Japanese, and everyone loved us.

The next morning I heard that age old phrase from Scott that every woman wants to hear from her boyfriend.

“You make a great wing-man.”

Turns out he got digits – supporting my theory of at least one of us being charming.

4 Responses to “Scott & Mona: Karaoke Style aka Won’t be Trying that at Home”

  1. James Lynch III Says:

    Damn, girl… you should have gotten into this blogging thing earlier… It’s all a great read! Hello to Scott!

  2. yuki Says:

    Thank you for using this pic!

    I was surprised to know You guys really LOVES singing!
    First you didn’t try to sing saying “I’m embarassed, so just watching”.
    buutt,, At last, You didn’t pass the mike to us! 😉

    Oh, by the way, I was looking for the Maid-cafe@Shibuya, but there are not any at Shibuya. Only Akihabara?

  3. Tonyfubar Says:

    Continue the travlogue! It’s like travelling without the jetlag…or the hangover…or the hoarse voice…or *sigh* the cute Japanese girls…

  4. Tonyfubar Says:

    Oh, and you guys obviously took your cute pills before you went out. Too much fun!!

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