We Are Registered

February 13th, 2008 by smoop

We have finally registered at Macy’s. We plan on registering someplace else as well, but we have no idea when we will have time. When we first set our date, people were all like;

March? ’08? Like? This year??

And we were all like;

Yes March ’08. This year. How long you think it takes to plan a wedding??

We now understand that year long engagement. This makes me freak out a bit.

But I look at it and smile!

In other news, you know how in the movies when a couple registers, they get a gun to run around the store shooting what they want? We ended up with something that was a cross between a taser and a blackberry. Not nearly as fun. But still fun enough that I recommend everyone go do it at least once! Even if you’re not getting married!

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