On our way to Ganesha Temple in Sawai Madhopur, India

June 3rd, 2008 by smoop

So, we had a couple hours to kill between Tiger Hunts in India and we asked to go see a fort that we had seen a mile or so down the road from our hotel. We climb in back of the jeep with our guide and head off. A few minutes later we are zooming past the fort we had seen without even slowing down. Turns out it was a resort.

Soooo, not for the first time on our Honeymoon, we are in a strange car, with two strange men, in a strange country, and we have NO IDEA WHERE WE ARE GOING. The REAL fort was several miles up a dirt road, then a mile up dirt stairs… then across the fort, there was the Ganesha Temple. That’s where this video was shot. It was a big holiday so there were thousands of people up there.

They all got up there using the same one lane dirt road as us. And home using that same road. Many, at the same time.

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