Expect A Dead Drop Soon

January 26th, 2007 by smoop


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To:West Coast Assets
From: Chief of Station, The Embassy

Mission: Replace ‘006 with ‘007
Window Dressing: Black Tie Affair Dec 31st 2006, 8:30pm The Blue Room

Don’t arrive naked. Dry cleaning recommended. Babysitters not needed.

The Blue Room is known for its honey pots. Beware.

(Note: You may show as a Raven/Swallow).

Although it may be a wet job, there are no throwaways. Repeat. There are no throwaways!

Tell the bagman to bring a nugget from the Top Shelf. Suggest you get in contact with the cobbler, as Shoes will be required.

Important: EYES ONLY. This is a Black (tie) Operation. The Embassy will disavow any knowledge of you or this mission.

More details to follow.

Pad tinyurl.com/tx8ul

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