Happy Hour with Dave Attell

July 20th, 2006 by smoop

Dave Attell

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OK. Last week was a little weird. The girls went off to Kabuki and tried for the life of themselves to maintain eye contact while the boys went off to their respective bunks, I mean baseball game. After several hours of lounging in hot water, exfoliating, deep conditioning and gossiping, we poured ourselves out the door and oozed through the surreal splendor that is Japantown after dark, ate WAY too much at the Japanese place I always forget the name of then hiked up to Dot, our favorite little hotel bar that is always guaranteed to be empty. Except that night. That night there was a HUGE line of hipster Japanese kids waiting to get in. We have no idea why.

So, off to Kansai, our favorite little sushi joint with a bar that is always guaranteed to be empty. Except that night. That night there were at least 6 people in there. And one of them was singing Japanese opera karaoke style in a voice so big I have no idea how it came out of that tiny little 4 foot high body. There was no way to fit the 12 of us and that sound in the bar, so off we wandered.

So once you cross the hotel bar of the list, and then the karaoke bars, what’s left in Japantown after dark? That’s right, Hostess Bars. The first hostess bar was too expensive. The second one was too scary. *shudder* The third hostess bar was just not right, but in a way that made us happy. They made us mediocre drinks and parked us at a big table where we could watch the mystical magical workings which seemed to include lots of cute asian girls hanging on every word of a bunch of older guys, then getting up and changing chairs. It was sorta like watching a game of musical chairs, except the rewards were cocktails and a copped feel instead of cupcakes. There was also some mystery involving a back room. Hmm….

I seriously doubt this week will be nearly as entertaining, but we’re going to try. First, Indian Food at an Irish Pub, (http://www.kennedyscurry.com/) at 6pm, the off to Cobb’s Comedy Club (http://www.cobbscomedyclub.com/) just before 8pm so I can be reunited with Dave Attell.

6pm Kennedy’s (http://www.yelp.com/biz/TgFUSRFSgfNhzi-2ZWC8Ug)
1040 Columbus Avenue @ Francisco

8pm Cobb’s @ Lombard (http://www.yelp.com/biz/yZhBesABx6DTkC-iQaiuIg)
915 Columbus Avenue

10pm errr… this is when we should probably go home and go to bed. But we wont. We’ll be drunk and WAYYY too close to North Beach for that!

If you want to join us for Dave Attell, purchase tickets soon! We have tickets to the 8pm show, this friday the 21st.

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