Happy Hour: Where The Girls Are

July 14th, 2006 by smoop


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Last week at Rye was great. We arrived early and scored a nice spot in the back with a view of the smoking cage. Yes, Rye puts the smokers in a cage. Quite entertaining. Not actually as entertaining as being able to sit in it the great out doors and have a cocktail without choking on second hand smoke, but it will do or the time being. We enjoyed a basil gimlets and some catch up time with our out of town guests while watching the people in the cage. As entertaining as that was, dinner stole the show.

After a bit we snuck across the street to Kim Thanh, the most amazing vietnamese seafood restaurant. The rearranged the entire front of the restaurant to seat the 10 of us and immediately started bringing the most detectible treats; crab cooked in ginger and onions, salt and pepper shrimp and crispy quail. The quail looked like large deep fried bugs and we all drew back in unison when it was placed on the table. One taste though and we sucking those delicate little bug bones clean and thinking about ordering more. Since we had already ordered about one of everything on the menu, we held back. And still, the bill came to $25 a piece including tip. It was a dinner we are still talking about a week later.

Hmmm… I wonder if they are open for lunch.

Anyway, this Friday we are having a split Happy Hour. The girls are going to Kabuki Hot Springs Geary at Fillmore. (http://www.kabukisprings.com/) There is parking in Japan Town and you can get validated at the spa. You can also get your parking stub validated. Fridays are girls nights so no, you don’t need to bring a suit, and no, you can’t bring your boyfriend. You can bring conditioner for your hair as well as face masques and that sort of thing. We will be leaving about 8:30 or 9pm to find sushi in Japan Town. Arrive as early as you think you need to to properly detox in the hot tubs. Actually, that means I should head over about noon, but realistically will be heading over at 6pm. I guess I’ll only be mostly detoxed. They only let a small amount of people in at a time to make sure it’s not crowded, so bring a book, grab a cup of tea and plan on the waiting in the lobby 30 minutes or so to get in.

Scott will be heading to a baseball game to see The Giants vs The Phillies and think about Where The Girls Are. Contact him if you want to join him for that madness. The game starts at 7:15 and he will be on the club level.

Please RSVP so we know to keep an eye out for you!

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