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We’z Moved!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Greenridge Park

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We are, really and truly, moved. Well, most of our stuff is here in the Eichler. Three 8×10 storage units of stuff are just down the street.

We have quite a bit of stuff unpacked, but since the media room isn’t finished, everything that goes in it is now in the office. And everything that should be in the office, but can’t fit because it’s full of media room stuff? That’s all in the dining room. The storage units full if stuff? I have NO IDEA where any of that stuff is going to go.

But even so, surrounded by boxes and half finished projects, we are So Very Happy to be here!

This picture was taken last week at the park up the street from our house. It is amazing, and beautiful and quiet and serene and I’m sure will be the site for many adventures as Dash grows older.

There are many pictures of Dash and the house in our flickr account – click on the image here to be taken there.

And finally. The answer to the question you have all been asking. Is Dash crawling yet? The answer is no. The San Filippo TAXI! gene is strong in this one. When he is done playing where he is, he simply rolls over onto his back and hollers until someone comes and moves him.

He is, however, a very advanced eater for his age. This is something I think he gets from both parents. At 8 months he decided enough was enough with the baby food. He needs tastes, textures and spice.