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End of the year Recap

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Thanks to Jody for the picture!!

Welcome to the end of 2008, and the world as we know it.

We bought the house and are in a heated race at this point as to which will come first, our baby, or our move in date.  My cousin Dan is helping us with the remodel, but deciding exactly what we want, and finding the proper mahogany for the walls as well as a pelethra of other things are slowing progress on the house.  The baby on the other hand, it moving forward at an amazingly rapid pace!

Are we ready for him?  HELL no.  DO we have a name picked out?  We think we might… are we going to tell you what it is?  Not until he makes his debut.  Have we registered yet?  Nope.  Are we having a baby shower… maybe.

Right now the target move in date is the first week of Feb.  I sent out Xmas cards with the new address, but didn’t get them all out, so if you didn’t get yours, it could be the USPS, or it could be the sudden need for a nap and my shockingly short attention span. Let me know if you still need it.

We continue to update pictures of the house (and a few of us) on our flickr account.  Check back often for more, and feel free to leave a note letting us know what you think!