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How do you like our new look?

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Thanks to Posh Betty, the women who designed our wedding invites (which will be in the mail soon, I pinky swear) for giving me the graphics so that our web site will match our wedding invites!

I know! Those are some Fancy Pants!

So, here are some more FAQ:

Where are you guys registered? Um, yeah, we aren’t yet. We were planning on doing it this weekend, but we decided to be sick instead.

Why you guys wanna be sick so often? We don’t. It’s just an excuse to snuggle on the couch with the dog and exchange bodily fluids. Unfortunately that fluid is snot.

What is the theme of the wedding? Theme? Weddings have a theme? Isn’t the fact that we are finally getting married a fantastical enough theme? We need to have MORE of a theme?? Dress pretty, show up on time, and don’t drink so much of the free booze that you barf on the bride, give a twenty minute speech or other wise cause a scene. Hows that for a theme?

Wait? March of THIS year? Yes. This year. I’m begining to understand how crazy an idea this is, but luckily have found a wonderful women in Florida who is helping me… and feeding all of you. She’s helping me organize all the table rental, bartender, linen crappity that I didn’t even know needed to be organized. She has also promised the our servers will be good looking. Excccellent! I’ll post the menu here soon so you know what your signing up for when you check “steak,” chicken,” or “fish.” Ah yes, the wonders of the internets.