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An Engagement in the Blue Room

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Well hello again! Since we’ve last spoke/txt/emailed/blogged/cast or however WE communicate these days, there have been Happy Hours from one end of the United States to the other. In case you ARE ever in Hanalei, Hawaii, the Hanalei house serves a mean Weki Tai. In Leesburg, Florida, I passed over the ice bucket filled with Coors Light and stuck to the Wings at Ramshackles. Oh. My. God. Is that what all the Wings arguments have been about? Argue On! Especially if that means your mouth is too busy to eat and I am left with all the wings… glorious wings… but I digress. Also, the next time you are at Disney World, stop by the 50s Prime Time Cafe in the MGM park for a basil strawberry spiked lemonade, and a mean Hendrick’s martini. Yum!

But now, we are home sweet home in the Blue Room – with lots to celebrate! First, we are home from vacation! Woot! That is reason enough to celebrate, but wait, there’s more! I got a new Tinker Bell Christmas Tree topper! And still more! Ringo is housebroken! That was put to the test this morning when our jet lagged butts went to bed at 6pm last night and didn’t get up till 6am this morning and woke to find him pacing and about ready to explode in front of the door!

There are also all sorts of other things to celebrate, too many to write down really, and no one likes long winded emails so why don’t you just stop by The Blue Room tomorrow (Friday the 30th) about 6:30 or so and we can discuss it in a civilized style over a cocktail or three. If you are already otherwise ENGAGED tomorrow evening, perhaps we can get together to celebrate these events some other time…

Please RSVP so we know how many seats to save! Although the Blue Room is always well-stocked, feel free to bring your favorite beverage to imbibe…. Let me know if you need the address or secret handshake.

Happy Hour: C’est la vie

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I know. You can’t even think right now because you are so damn surprised that there is a Cocktail Confidential happy hour invite in your inbox. And you thought the Boo! ended last night!

Life has been a bit… crazy. Some good. Most … just crazy. I think the last official Happy Hour was in July at a place called Surtra which isn’t even in business anymore. I hope it wasn’t anything we did!

This week, we are going to hit up someplace with a little more staying power – Jardiniere! As everyone knows, they have great champagne! But did you ALSO know, they have Cocktail Confidential’s favorite bartender ever – the guy from our dearly departed C&L. He has a name. I’m sure I know it. But unfortunately he also has a wicked way with the booze, so for the most part I call him HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? We stopped in last weekend and found that he has revived a TON of delicious old school cocktails. Yummy!

So, our visit this week is threefold.

First, and maybe most importantly, to catch up with you, our fellow drinker. I say maybe, because, after a couple of HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail?’s delicious cocktails, we won’t remember what we caught up about, only that, I love you man. No really, I do. *hic*

Second, and maybe most importantly, to learn this mans name. I say maybe most importantly because.. so far… HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? has worked just fine. But knowing his name may help with number three.

Third, and maybe most importantly, to ask HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? if he will go steady with us. Yes. You heard that right. We are going to ask HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? to…. be out bartender on New Years Eve. I say maybe most importantly, because as history has shown, even without a bartender, we have managed to make the first day of the year, the most painful day of the year on our own. Having a bartender would only make it easier.

Do we need that?

Anyway, I will be at Jardiniere by 6:30 to secure space for us. Please RSVP so we know how many seats that will be!