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Happy Hour: Bar Hopping in the Presidio?!

Saturday, March 10th, 2007


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OK, so last week… wait. If you weren’t there for last week, we can’t tell you what happened or we would have to kill you. Which if we did tell you, and we had to kill you, then we would bury you in the Presidio. Which makes me realize that there are getting to be less and less places to bury a body in the Presidio with all the development lately. Which also makes me realize that some of that development is … food and drink oriented! Woot!

So, this friday, come help us find a place to bury the bodies!

We are going to bar hop from the new, Presidio Social Club, make a stop at the also new Pres A Vi, before heading to the old – Liverpool Lil’s.

Or something like that. We will be in the Presidio Triangle though. Follow the trail of stiletto heel prints dug deep in the new soft grass … or you can simply text us.

ALSO NOTE: There are several of our band of merry drinkers that are having birthday’s. Most importantly to me: my boy, the one who gets the lids off the tight jars, after he gets the jars off the tall shelves, the one who keeps my ipod filled with cool new music, my lifelong pillow, Scott (who is inches from caving in and letting me get a puppy). Also, Melani’s boy John.

So, if you can’t come join us for the body dump search, at least join us for a quick birthday drink! Or Six! Birthday Lamb!? Cake? Spanking?

Scott and I will be enjoying a birthday drink at Presidio Social Club at 6:30pm Friday, Feb 9th. Possibly earlier.

RSVP so we know to keep an eye out for you!

Presidio Social Club
563 Ruger Street (I have no idea. Look at the map.)

Pres a Vi
One Letterman Drive (Maps not going to help you with this one. You should catch up with us early.)

Liverpool Lil’s
2942 Lyon Street