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Happy Hour Re-Zoooms

Friday, January 26th, 2007


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So, we’ve all been busy with the holidays and the flu and the “But I can’t drink with you guys cause I have to work” and all, but the time has come when we all need to put that aside and see each other face to face. I decided on a bar that is centrally located so those of you in the Mish can’t complain. I’ve also picked someplace cheap so those who are “saving money” can’t complain either.

And the people who review it also complain that it’s not noisy enough, so those of you who complain about that can just shut the hell up too.

Oh wait. I think that was me.


Friday. January 25th. 6:30pm.
Finnegan’s Wake
937 Cole Street

At some point, hopefully before they quit serving food, we will head over to Eos for dinner.

Eos Restaurant & Wine Bar
901 Cole Street

Cole Valley is a cute little hood that we usually forget it there. Come check it out with us! Finnegans’ has board games so get those dice shaking hand in shape! I’m gonna kick me ass at Monopoly!

Expect A Dead Drop Soon

Friday, January 26th, 2007


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To:West Coast Assets
From: Chief of Station, The Embassy

Mission: Replace ‘006 with ‘007
Window Dressing: Black Tie Affair Dec 31st 2006, 8:30pm The Blue Room

Don’t arrive naked. Dry cleaning recommended. Babysitters not needed.

The Blue Room is known for its honey pots. Beware.

(Note: You may show as a Raven/Swallow).

Although it may be a wet job, there are no throwaways. Repeat. There are no throwaways!

Tell the bagman to bring a nugget from the Top Shelf. Suggest you get in contact with the cobbler, as Shoes will be required.

Important: EYES ONLY. This is a Black (tie) Operation. The Embassy will disavow any knowledge of you or this mission.

More details to follow.


Cookie Mongoloid Hour

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Cookie Mongoloid

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Just a quick note to say that we are heading to see Cookie Mongoloid tonight, but won’t be there until about 10. We whole heartedly invite you to get there early and start drinking so you are good and entertaining for us when we arrive.

They are playing at 12 Galaxies and are rumored to go on at 11:30.
2565 Mission Street btw 21st and 22nd

Last Weeks Recap: Whiskey Thieves would get two thumbs up, but its hard both thumbs up when you are lighting a cigarette, so, only one thumb up. And no. I don’t need anyone to show me it can be done. The Vietnamese place down the street? The one that I can never remember the name of but start drooling every time I drive by? It gets not only both my thumbs up, but most of my toes too.

I wonder if they are open for lunch….