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Happy Hour: Thievery

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

So, last week was Date Night at Rohan.  We sat gazing dreamily into each others cocktails.  We caught up and laughed and snacked and drank and snacked… and drank.. and drank… and… forgot to snack… and started out the door realizing we had just sat and talked for several hours and been so taken with Date Night that we had forgotten to actually eat.  Luckily Nizario’s beckoned from across Geary street.

Mmm… Drunken Nizario’s…. There may be no better food on the planet.

And yes, you read that right.  We walked from Rohan, straight to Nizario’s drawn like fat drunken moths to the flame.  It truly was a walk of shame and I really should keep it to myself.

But too late.

Anyhoo… this week we will be having a Cocktail Confidential Scotchday (birthday to those of you who are new here) celebration for Bill Schuch at Whiskey Thieves!

Whiskey Thieves
839 Geary Street @ Hyde between NoParkingNoWhere St and Tranny Hooker Blvd.

After we get our drink on I was thinking about heading two blocks up Geary through two of the most exciting and colorful blocks of San Francisco to Nile Cafe.  I have a busy week and will probably not have time to pick up anything for Bill’s birthday, so if anyone wants to go in with me on a tranny ho, we can easily pick one up on the way.  Actually, it may be hard to get there without picking one up.

Nile Cafe
544 Jones Street @ Geary across from CrackHoSleepingWhileStanding Way

Happy Hour is Friday at 6:30.  Yes.  This Friday the 10th. No, really. I know!  Two weeks in a row!  And no, you don’t need to know Bill to join us.

Happy Hour Date Night

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

We’ve been working too hard for too long.  Heads always in our computers intent on all the super duper important stuff we need to get done.  No quality time at all.   We’ve been too busy for you and we know that has caused a riff, and a lot of lonely drinking. We  know that relationships are hard work.  They take time and energy.  And cocktails.

This relationship of should be no different.

So… Tonight.  You. Me. Date night.  Lots of processing.   Probably a few tears (of laughter).  Wear something pretty for me will you?

Where:Rohan Lounge
When: Tonight. 6:30. Ish.
Why:  Do I need to go over this again?