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Happy Hour: Napping Under the Heat Lamps

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Eagles Drop In

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Ok. So last week we had a bit of a disappointment with the Giant lost. But we were able to drowned our sorrows at the nearby Eagles Drift. Pretty interesting night going from the cushy junk food filled club level at the park, to the biggest dive in all San Francisco. All in all it was a good return to the Cocktail Confidential happy hour ritual.

This week, in an attempt to ramp up to speed we will be meeting at Bistro Yoffi on Chestnut Street. There has been a promise of a back yard, heat lamps and live jazz.

We will be meeting this Friday about 6:30. Not much parking in this hood, so you might need to cut out of work early to allow for circling time.
Bistro Yoffi
2231 Chestnut Street @ Peirce