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Cocktail Confidential Does the Theater

Friday, March 31st, 2006

AVN Gone Wrong

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Last week we gathered at The Blue Room @ The Embassy and had so much fun, that we gathered there again the next night. I would tell you more, but you know, what happens in the Blue Room stays in the Blue Room, at least until I find my camera and upload the pictures to flickr!

Bust out your monocle and top hat, this week we are attending the theater. Sorta.

We are heading to see “The Subject is Sex” at Oddball Films. If you are interested in joining us, rsvp with me to save you a seat, but only after you RSVP with them for a ticket! It’s sure to sell out quickly so do it now! It promises to be a campy gender-bending, genre-bending, lovefest. No. Really. Read the email I got from them! Actually, I got it from Linda Chan but still, it promises!

We’ll be having dinner at Experimental Thai Kitchen (806 South Van Ness – at 6:30, then heading over early to get good seats.

See you there!

Scott 415.710.2910
Mona 415.425.4998

EVENT: ³Smut Shop Cinema: The Subject is Sex², Stephen Parr¹s ³The Subject
is Sex², an extraordinary personal romp through the seamy side of Sex in
Cinema. This polymorphous program promises a pulsating panorama of perverse
pleasures that includes home movies, hillbilly porn, cartoon smut,
commercials, trailers, educationals, hygiene films, burlesque bits, peepshow
loops and the infamous ³Cheap Smut Give-A-Way². Read the reviews and watch a
preview at:
VENUE: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, San Francisco
DATE: Friday, March 31st at 8:30PM
ADMISSION: $10.00 RSVP(Limited seating) *Adults Only-No Kids!*
RSVP: or 415.558.8117


This Friday, March 31st at 8:30 PM Oddball Films presents Stephen Parr¹s
³The Subject is Sex², an extraordinary personal romp through the seamy side
of Sex in Cinema. Drawn from his extensive 16mm film archives, this
polymorphous program promises a pulsating panorama of perverse pleasures
that includes home movies, hillbilly porn, cartoon smut, commercials,
trailers, educationals, hygiene films, burlesque bits, peepshow loops and
the infamous ³Cheap Smut Give-A-Way². The screening is at 275 Capp St.
Admission is $10.00(RSVP, Limited seating).For reservations please email: or call 415.558.8117.

³The Subject is Sex² is drawn almost entirely from Parr¹s holdings at
Oddball Film + Video. Founded in 1984, Oddball houses an extensive offbeat
collection of over 50,000 films. Parr, a imagemaker, curator and archivist
has been screening ³The Subject is Sex² (and hosting his notorious ³Cheap
Smut Give-A-Way²) throughout the United States and Europe for over 3 years
to sellout audiences.

An introductory essay in the dvd, (released by Other Cinema dvd) by Eric
Schaefer, film scholar and author of ³BOLD! DARING! SHOCKING! TRUE!, A
History of Exploitation Film 1919-1959² (Duke University Press), lays the
groundwork for this diverse compendium of moving image erotica. Schaefer
writes, ³The Subject is Sex² is a Rorschach test. Where some will see
humor, a few will see outrage. What may be titillation for many will be a
turn-off for others. But for everyone, and in every instance you¹re seeing
the history of sex in the Twentieth Century.²

Program highlights include:

The ³nudie cutie² adventures of ³Uncle Si and the Sirens².

The classic cartoon curio ³Buried Treasure² starring Eveready Hardon (with a
new music score by Nik Phelps from San Francisco¹s Sprocket Ensemble).

French Tickler², a clever 1920s clip of animated fellatio.

50¹s classic burlesque films (including ³Love Moods² with famed femme fatale
Lili St. Cyr cavorting in a ornate bathtub).

Choice 60s and 70s porn trailers (featuring the psychobilly smut ³Memories
Within Miss Aggie² and the pre-Viagra ³Dynamite²).

³970-KATHY² – a kinky, campy late 80¹s commercial for phone sex.

³The Subject is Sex² also contains soft core selections with hidden or
unintended erotic messages. A Jade East cologne commercial featuring sexy
Japanese go-go dancers becomes a sexual exhortation for men to take matters
into their own hands, a home movie (³Crossing the Equator²) becomes a
surreal souvenir of cross dressing seafarers, and the US Navy training film
²How to Give an Enema² turns into a kinky homo erotic lesson in water
sports. By compiling these generous gems in to a full-length collection,
³The Subject is Sex² brings together commercial, camp, comedy, and explicit
sex all in one gender-bending, genre-bending, lovefest. Copies of the dvd
will be available for purchase at the screening for the reduced price of $20
or online at

Plus! Beefcakes +Cheesecakes and the infamous ³Cheap Smut Give-A-Way²

For more info and stills visit:
Read the reviews and watch a preview!

Collecting Your Free Bonus Hour

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

New Years Eve 2006

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Last week we celebrated St Patricks Day as far physically and mentally from Ireland’s 32 – The Castro. No frat boys. No drunken Irish (that we didn’t bring with us). No kissing because we were Irish; we didn’t need any reasons. There was some butt sniffing, but I think that would have happened no matter what holiday it was.

Lime, as always rocked. We got there early and scored a couple of tables in front of the huge window over looking Market watching the world go by while enjoying out snacks and vanilla mojitos. When too much of the world had actually come into the bar, we abandon our window and, in much need of another drink (of water) we stumbled further into the Castro to the Red Grill’s Whiskey Lounge, my FAVORITE new dive bar. Upstairs over a steak house, packed with boys on dates with other boys and leather chairs and cute bartenders and great drinks. Loved It!

We did of course once again go over our alloted happy hour fund, but thankfully….

This week, for all those Cocktails Confidential Happy Hour Attendees who have had their card stamped each week can now collect their free gift, or at least, their cheap drink – we are having Happy Hour at The Blue Room @ The Embassy – which is now a highly rated bar on Yelp! WooHoo!

They have some of everything, but if you want something in particular, bring it! I’m thinking pizza will be delivered at some point. And I’m hearing rumors of a guest DJ…

You should all have the address of The Blue Room, if you don’t please drop me an email and let me know 1.) good reason why you don’t and 1.) good reason why you should and 1.) way in which you will be appropriately naughty should I give it to you.

I will be there at 6:30 to get a good spot. Please RSVP and let us know if we should save you a seat. Card stamps will be checked at the door and those without them will be appropriately punished before being given their drink.

See you soon!

The Luck of the Cocktail

Friday, March 17th, 2006

CES AVN 2006

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Last week we all braved the rain, snow (yes, snow. I swear to god) and hail to venture over the bridge and far away to a land called Emeryville. Perhaps some of you have heard of it. We did our happiness in a bar called Kitty’s which served all sorts of fun cocktails with herbs and fresh fruit. Even the none drinkers were impressed. No one was impressed with the food and since everyone knows there is no way to get food outside of San Francisco, we all came back across the bay to some cafe on Chestnut where apparently the waiter did not get the memo about a bunch of drunkies showing up, give them lots of water and instead brought us all shots. Hence, I can not remember that cafe’s name. It was nice. There was jazz. It was late, and I was sleepy. Yes. Sleepy.

This week we will be celebrating St Patricks day the only way I know possible. By getting as far away from Ireland’s 32 as possible. After a quick study of the map of SF, i have decided that to be Lime in the heart of the Castro. Well, not exactly IN the heart, but near the heart and more importantly, far away from the drunken frat boys with their “Kiss Me I’m Irish” stickers pasted to the front of their trousers.

We will be arriving early to get a good spot, so please RSVP and let us know if we should save a seat for you. I’m fairly certain it will get crowded. I will be arriving at 6pm – maybe a little earlier this Friday, the 17th.

2247 Market St @ 16th

Happy Hour On the Road Once More

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Photo Phun

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Last week was a fabulously well attended event! I had maybe three people RSVP and all said they needed to head in early, so I figured it was going to be an easy night. I was so incredibly wrong. People kept showing up and showing up, trying to pack around the tiny table I had saved and the waitress got overwhelmed and just started randomly adding drinks to the bill but not actually bringing them. It was the first time I’d ever had a dispute with a waiter in which they wouldn’t remove the offending items. So, 415 Asian Lounge, I say go for the food, but drink across the street at G Bar, which is what we did. Then Solstice down the street.

Suddenly it was 2am, MaryAnne was dumping me out of a cab and texting me a reminder to drink water. So much for the easy night. I woke up with my pants inside out, sticking out the top of my upright boots as if I’d shed them mid step.

Where was Scott in all this? Why wasn’t he out protecting me from myself? He was home doing Nyquil Shooters. We both woke up with a bit of a hang over.

This time we are going all the way to a place called… Emeryville. Pack your bags! Don’t forget your shots and your passports!
6702 Hollis Street

And no, I didn’t just pick it because of the name. We will be there at 6:30 friday the 10th. Please RSVP and let me know if we should save you a seat, or just stop by and risk hovering…. ;-}

Happy Hour: Pan Pacific

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

Happy Hour

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So, last time we planed on heading out to see Burlesque for Happy Hour, we ended up having one to many cocktails at our first stop, bailing on our friends who did go to Benders to head over to Thee Parkside to see Devil Doll. Devil Doll didn’t go on until after midnight and after 6 hours of drinking, well, things got drunk-ugly and she was kind enough not get a restraining order, although I’m sure she will think twice about playing at Thee Parkside again. That Saturday morning was not a good day for anyone.

Turns out, that was a better happy hour for everyone involved then actually attending Burlesque at Benders.

While well attended by Cocktail Confidentialer, Benders was unfortunately even better attended by really really tall guys who stood in front of us blocking our view of the Burlesque, although we were under a half blown speaker so we could hear most of what they were dancing to quite loudly . From those lucky enough to pack themselves into an area where they could see the Burlesque, they said we might have been lucky NOT to hear the MC and that the girls weren’t all that either.

We will try to avoid both those Happy Hour options in the future.

THIS WEEK! We will be keeping things close to home and heading to the location of the old Syndy’s which was finally put out of our misery last fall. Now there is a fabulous pan asian restaurant called 415. Dumb name. Great Food. In their defense, they named it after the street address. Of course, if you need to explain the name, it’s probably a bad name. In this case, even good food needs to be explained, or perhaps simply the idea of Pan Asian. It’s tasty fusion of Japanese/ Thai/Chinese/Indian/Etc.

Happy Hour (at least with us at 415) starts at 6:30 Friday the 3rd.
I HAVE REZZIES FOR DINNER AT 8:30. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US FOR DINNER YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW. Otherwise, you can order snacks at the bar. Afterwards we may head to G bar, or… perhaps the The Blue Room @ The Embassy.
415 Lounge
415 Presidio @ California.

Also let me know if you will be joining us for cocktails so we can save you a spot.