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Happy Hour Burlesque

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

First off, Yah for Happy Hour in Portland. We ROCKED the Kennedy School! Or, more to the point, they rocked us. We managed to hit the Cypress Room, The Courtyard Resturant Bar and the Honor Bar before the nice bartender patted us on the head, gave us a big glass of water and sent us down the hall to bed. We didn’t even have to raise our hands! Best. Hallpass. Ever. For those of you who have not been to The Kennedy School in Portland, it’s sorta like club med for the AlternaSet with bars and restaurant and live music and movies and hotel rooms all set in an old elementary school. ( We had several special additions to Happy Hour including our roommates sister who came down to meet the people who torment her brother. Ahhh. All in all I have to say it was a very successful away game.

As for this week! Oh the fun we will have! Yah! Burlesque at Benders finally falls on a Friday night that we are in town!! And this time I pinky swear we will indeed be there unlike last time where the boys all made me go stalk Devil Doll at the last minute leaving some of you fending goth girls off our unused front row seats.

We will be meeting at 6:30 at Elixer ( 3200 16th Street @ Guerrero) on FRIDAY Feb 24th to have a detox from work drink before heading out to forage for burritos on our way to Benders. We hope to be there shortly after 9pm when the doors open to get good seats. We hear that if you sit in the front row, sometimes Roky will land in your lap.


Madame Maraschino Presents
“House of Burlesque Love”

Friday, February 24th
Benders Bar
806 S. Van Ness Ave, SF
Door 9pm/ show 10pm
8 Bux

Mr. Sin as Master of Ceremonies…

Performances by:

Roky Roulette
Ophelia Couer de Noir
Bombshell Betty
Ariyana la Fey
Banana Peel
Sweet Cheeks
Coconut Crème
Belinda Blair
Mynx d’Meanor & Tola Mae Ham from Bottoms Up! Burlesque
With our fabulous pick up artist, Maid Pixie Upalot!

DJ Bonnie Bondage from KUSF

Happy Hour: Portland

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Mona’s Birthday

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at Michael Mina last week for Scott’s special Birthday Happy Hour. We took over one corner of the lobby and enjoyed cocktails and aps (truffled pocorn! Yummy!) until time to sneak off and have our private dinner at Michael Mina. I suggest that you ALL try a private dinner at Michael Mina at least once! It was quite ama$$ing. Scott ordered the foie gras starter and was presented with foie gras done six ways. Thankfully we steered away from the tasting menu as the two courses we had nearly killed me. I’m sure 5 would have done me completely in. It would have also prevented us from joining up with the crowd once more at the Orbit Room where the only person drunker then us, was the bartender. After pushing our way to the bar, waiting, begging and demanding her attention, we finally ordered. Then we had to do it all over again as she forgot what she was doing in the middle of it all. Then she gave Scott his martini with olives, and when he reminded her that he asked for a twist, she slammed his and made him a new one. The girls all ordered the Venus Lemonade which had WAYYY too much pomegranate juice in it. What was that you said? You didn’t know pomegranate juice was in lemonade? Yeah. Well. It’s not. And for good reason. About the time Scott desided that there wa NO WAY he has going to tip her… she wandered off without charging him. So we grabbed some glasses from behind the bar (where the bartender no longer was) and opened Scott birthday scotch. Turns out, the Orbit Room has a great scotch selection. Who Knew!

This Friday we will be having Happy Hour in Portland, most likely someplace in the Kennedy School. I’m thinking either the Honor Bar ( or the Detention Bar ( Yah! If you happen to be in Portland, or know someone who is, come join us!

More Happy Hour Spankings!

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

CES AVN 2006

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First off, I want everyone to wish Scott a Happy Birthday. It’s today!! If you see him, please give him a birthday spanking.

We will be having a bit of a Happy Birthday Happy Hour for Scott this week at Michael Mina, so everyone put on your fancy pants! We actually have our private Valentines Day dinner rezzies there at 9pm, but will be in the bar for happy hour from 7-9. They do serve food in the bar if you would like to sample some.
335 Powell Street in the Westin

Last week. Oh My. Last week we met at C&L and had our largest Happy Hour to date. Special thanks to Trip at Sauce for setting up a proper introduction resulting in my being passed out in bed at 11pm on a friday with a full tummy and a spinning head. The space was cozy, the aps were scrumptious, and the drinks were very, very strong. It is my new favorite place to have a Happy Hour, especially with the 5for5 (5 drinks and 5 aps priced at $5). I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t remember much. I do know it was so good that I’m taking Scott there for his birthday tonight.

Let us know if you will be stopping by Michael Mina so we can save you a spot!

Happy Hour: Nob Hill

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Mona’s Birthday

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Last week found us at Sneaky Tiki, which lived up to expectations in some ways, and fell short in others. Fun place. Great Decor. Witty Wait-staff. OK Food. The drinks were hit or miss. My cosmo was really sweet: Scott’s Martini was perfect. Over all we decided we would definitely try it again, but we might stick to appetizers and straight vodka or gin. After Sneaky we made our way down the street to Annie’s Social Lounge, which used to be Annie’s Cocktail Bar but has now moved into the old CW Saloon/Cherry Bar space. What does all this moving mean to you? Well, if you loved the old Annie’s, you are going to miss it. The new Annie’s new logo is not the only change that was made. She now has live bands rather the Russ Myers movies playing to the tune of Punk Rock Karaoke. Karaoke fans will now have to limit their stage time to Monday evenings. Russ Myers fans are shit outta luck. New Annie’s does have some truly amazing crowd watching though. Oh. My. Think 70’s punk meets 80’s rocker in a cage fight.

This week we are moving things a bit upscale. We’re off the C&L Steakhouse which was recently opened by the owners of Aqua in the space that Charles Nob Hill used to occupy. Yeah. Can’t get much more upscale then that! They actually have a great CHEAP happy hour though. Check out the 5 for 5 menu.

As usual, we will be there about 6:30pm this friday. Let us know if we should save you a spot!

1250 Jones Street @ Clay, in the heart of parking hell.