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God I Suck Even More

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

When I promised a fabulous Happy Hour this week, I didn’t realize that this friday is a friends Breastcancer and Pets Unlimited Fundraiser. Two great tastes that go great together! So … I’m going to be drinking with them.


If you are insistent on drinking with us, and have $70 or more that you would like to donate to two good causes… let me know.

God I suck

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

at this blogs stuff. I write. I forget to post. I forget to write. I forget to invite you all out drinking with us. I know you will forgive me.

Won’t you?

Next week we will have the Happy Hour to end all Happy Hours. It will be, I promise you, a glee filled evening. And I’ll even try to pick a place a couple days in advance. And post when I do. What more could you want? My cookie recipe? Fine. I’ll post that too.

Happy Hour on Jetlag

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Ok. Let’s see. Leaving for my first Happy Hour in the states… what will I need, what will I need. Hmm.. Camera. Always need a camera. Never know what might happen. What else… let’s see…. lip gloss. No one wants dry chapped lips… what else… Hmm.. seems like there should be more.. oh yes, my wallet.

Five feet from the door of Dalva’s it strikes me. I wanted my AMERICAN wallet.

So here I am in the Mission with my camera, my lip gloss, no ID and about 2200 yen. Being a resourceful girl I was still able to end the night declaring “Heck yeah, I wannanother drink*hic*zzzzzzzz.”

Scott and I have since made an agreement that when I state the above, he is to quickly get me a 7up with a water back.

Happy Hour Returns!

Friday, November 11th, 2005

After some pretty harrowing Happy Hours in Japan (think karaoke and grilled internal organs), we have returned safely to our home base. Yah! We missed you! We would love for you to come speak English with us! Order in English with us! And eat things that we can identify!!

Happy Hour will start at Dalva’s, detour through some burrito place, and probably end up at Delium, or Casanova’s, or The Blue Room… who knows with these things. Give a call if you are joining us late.

Dalva (3121 16th St. @ Valencia)
6:30pm Friday the 11th.

(Yes, I know we have already done this one, but after three weeks away, we feel the need to return to a known entity!)

The Japanese Shopping Ritual

Friday, November 11th, 2005

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You’re looking around a shop in Japan. Any shop, big or small, souvenier or department store, and you find some little treasure that you like. You take it to the cash register. So begins the Japanese Shopping Ritual.

First, you are reprimanded for taking something from the display instead of simply telling them which item you wanted.

Then, no matter how big a hurry you are in, the wrapping begins. The item you have purchased, wether it be a 100 yen dangle for your phone, or a 50,000 yen tea set, is wrapped. If you bought several small items, or are in a hurry, this can be a mind boggling exercise in patience. Trying to explain that you don’t need the items wrapped will simply result in shy embarrassed smiles while the cashier tries desperately to understand what you are saying. In the end, you will only have delayed the inevitable wrapping and made yourself even later. Some stores may cheat and simply drop it in a pretty bag, fold it down tight, and tape it. The end result is that you have a pretty little package that makes shopping feel special.

The Japanese shopping ritual doesn’t end until you get home and start to unpack. That’s when you realize you have 40 or so pretty little packages and no idea what is in any of them. Being that we were gone for three weeks, many had been in the bottom of the suitcases long enough to have been nearly forgotten in the excitement of travel.

In other words, after taking all the dirty smelly clothes and the 45 CDs and the dozen or so DVDs out of the suitcases, we settled down to finish the Japanese Shopping Ritual which is pretty much like having a little Christmas, as you open each package. It was also a really interesting way to relive our vacation… “Oh Yeah! Where did we get that again?”

Yah! Kaimono (shopping)! I can’t wait to do it again!

Tokyo: Kawagoe: Kyoto: Hiroshima: Takamatsu: San Francisco!!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Bringing jet lag to new entertaining lows, we are home. We woke up at 7:30am Tuesday morning, packed, ran around Tokyo, got a bit lost, took an hour-something long ride to the airport, shopped at the duty free, watched three or four movies, ate some really bad airplane food, awarded our stewardess the coveted Bitchiest Bitch in the Sky Award, and hit customs in San Francisco at … 7:30am Tuesday.

It’s been a long hard day of trying to stay awake.

The trip was amazing and we will post lots of stories and pictures over the next day or so. Right now we are kicking back enjoying our first Martini in three weeks. Should prove to be an interesting and early evening.