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I wish there was someplace to get a cocktail….

Thursday, October 20th, 2005


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And there it is. A bar. Under a blue tarp. You know the kind of blue tarp I’m talking about. We all have relatives who have things stored under them. Or maybe live under them. Those generally being the relatives we don’t talk much about. The same blue tarps we’ve seen homeless using for shelter, and the aforementioned relatives using for camping – or occasionally, garages.

And now I’m drinking under one.

It wasn’t there when we walked by an hour ago.

Not just the blue tarp, I mean the bar.

There was a guy with some boxes and poles and bags and stuff. We didn’t really pay attention. We’re in Tokyo, just blocks from our hotel in Shibuya. There are a lot of guys running around with boxes of stuff. We just never expected one of them to go transformer on our asses and become a bar.

Our first night in Tokyo and already our expectations have been raised. Here’s to hoping the rest of the trip can live up to them.

An Ode to Jet Lag

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

An 11 hour flight. In coach. A kid behind me. Restless. Like I’m not? I’m feeling crowded. Scott is needing to be sedated. The damn waitress never comes back with our martinis. It’s about 1am our time when we arrive in Japan. I’m ready to go to bed. Instead we have to figure out public transportation and cell phone rentals in Japanese. For those of you who have not enjoyed the thrills of Jet Lag in Japan… it’s not like, oh look, it’s 4 am, I’m up late. It’s Oh Look, it’s 4am, I’ve been somewhere between running my ass off and actively waiting in line since very early this morning, followed by intellectual challenges in a foreign language.

I did take a nap, but it was upright on the plane where even though the seat reclines, the comfort offered to the recliner is three times the discomfort given the person behind the recliner who is then gifted with the ability to know the exact moment when you are dozing off and chooses that moment to use your headrest as a handle while hauling themselves up to go to the bathroom for the 87th time.

So, you are up, not having fun, and irritated with most all those who come in contact with you. Oh. And your body clock is a tad off. Suddenly, it’s 4am where you are, yet, your stomach thinks it’s 8pm and is NOT going to let you sleep until you’ve had a steak. And potatoes. And possibly a cocktail. You lay there wide awake until 8am. Then, the moment you get up and your feet touch the floor, you are completely unable to keep your eyes open.

Whee! Off we go!

And off we go!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005


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Last weeks Happy Hour at Lazlo was a nice, low key event with great food, great cocktails and a little parking rage towards the middle. We started out at Lazlo, which I highly recommend. The Bartender had his Ipod plugged in playing some great 80’s post punk ish stuff so our DJphobia was completely forgotten. After a couple drinks we drove down to our friend Laura’s birthday party where the parking rage ensued.

We pulled up to Arshad’s place just in time to see a guy in an SUV slowly wheel his monstrosity into the exact center of two very large (at least of the mission) parking spaces. We waited a moment thinking he would continue with the parking job he was so obviously in the middle of. He turned off his head lights. We rolled down the window to ask if he was going to use both those parking spots to which the reply was, “Hey Man, You’re Not My Dad!” There was name calling. There was horn honking. There was an neighbor who came out to give his opinion which was basically – you all should get the hell out of my neighborhood. In the middle of it all, nearly spontaneously Scott and my cell phones rang, two friends, neither knows the other, but both have just arrived at Lazlo, standing not 10 feet from each other, apparently not getting the “get there on time or fend for yourself” portion of the invite, asking where we where.

It was an amazingly exciting and entertaining ten minutes. In the end, we got our parking spot, the neighbor got his quiet evening, and our tardy friends got directions to the birthday party.

We’re heading to Japan tomorrow for three long awaited weeks of vacation. I have been so busy I’ve not pinned anyone down to be a guest blogger while I’m away – but you are all adults. I’m sure you can find someplace to get a drink on your own. We will post here about our many Happy Hours in Japan though. Stay Tuned.

Cocktails @ Long Last

Friday, October 14th, 2005

It’s not that we haven’t been drinking. It’s just that we haven’t been drinking with you. Or in San Francisco. (see my last post). But at long last, we are in San Francisco. We are flu free and able to leave the house on a friday, and more importantly, we are inviting you! In fact, we would love to see you as we are heading to Japan for a couple of weeks soon and will be missing all our SF friends as we gorge ourselves on sushi and sake and soba and…

This week we are heading down to the Mission to Lazlo ( the two story bar next to Foreign Cinema with the spicy ass heat seeker cocktail – among others. I’m going to try to get there about 6pm to get a table in the mezzanine over looking Mission Street. It is a DJ bar, but last time Scott and I were there the DJ was playing great loungy french stuff so we forgave it that flaw. We will be taking off about 9pm to a friends birthday party, so stragglers may have to fend for themselves.

When: Tonight! Friday! 6:30pm!
Where: Lazlo – 2534 Mission Street @ 21st
Why: Because we love you! Or at least we will after a couple of drinks!

Grip and Sip

Friday, October 14th, 2005

Grip and Sip

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OK. Everybody has “Their Version” of a cosmo. No everyone should, but who’s to stop them. The Bush administration is too busy trying to stop porn, everyone else is busy trying to stop Bush. (Oh the puns I am holding back on THAT one) There is no one left trying to stop the whole “Our version of the Cosmo”.

Sometimes it’s ok. It’s cointreau (as it should be anyway) and Grey goose orang and cost $12. Sometimes it’s sake. I’d rather pay $12, but whatever. Sometimes it’s, well, pretty much a cosmo, but they give it some cutesy name like the Metro. Again, whatever. I’m drinking a vodka drink in a pale shade of pink with a lot of lime in it hopefully in a martini style glass.

God willing.

I’ve had a lot of cosmos in many different countries and many, many “our versions” but nothing prepared me for the Grip and Sip in Reno.

I had just finished convincing my sister that the Squat and Gobble was a breakfast joint in San Francisco and NOT a sexual position preformed by Cartman’s mom on South Park when we walk into the bowling alley in Reno.

Please don’t ask. It’s a long sad boring story that involved being stuck in traffic for 8 hours, cancer, and a drunken haircut.

Anyway, now I’ve got to convince her, (and myself), that the Grip and Sip was not named after a sexual position. I fail miserably.

She orders a beer and I order their version of the cosmo.

Wow. I can’t remember the last time I made such a horrible laps in judgement.

Her beer was fine. It was a bit on the large side, but, no surprise, we were in Reno, sharing meals and still having to get a doggy bag. My cosmo was… well, served in a wine glass.

She asked me if I wanted twist.

I briefly wondered what my options were. A dirty cosmo??

They were also out of lime, so she use soda instead.

I’m in Reno.

I’m bowling.

I’m drinking a cosmo spritzer.

Oh Gawd.

And good night

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

bubi in slumberland

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No happy hour this week. Scott and I have some messed up cold/flu/thing and plan on doing shots of nyquil till we pass out. Wish us luck.

BTW – last weeks happy hour was a fabulous one, even though we were not hip enough to know that the Cherry Bar doesn’t open until like… 10pm. I’m sorry, but happy hour is not at 10pm. By 10pm it’s drunkie drunk hour. Melani saved the day by finding a comfy booth at Azie a block away. The drinks where creative enough to warrent stealing a menu.