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Happy Hour, Happy Birthday, Happy Pinups!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Happy Hits a Triple!

First off, thanks to everyone who showed up at Alembic last week!  As suspected, they did indeed have tasty cocktails, and some scrumptious bar snacks.  I’m sure we will be back, but probably not on a weekend.  It’s really hard to get stumbling, slurring, embarrassingly drunk when the bartender is hand crafting tasty cocktails and has a huge line of people waiting.  And even if the lack of a huge hangover is a good thing, the waiting in a huge line is not.

This week we will have Happy Hour in Two parts.

First.  Mona has her first photography show ever!  Thats right folks!  Now you don’t have to log in to the internets and give your cc info to see her pictures!  You can just walk right in, order a drink, watch some burlesque and look at the walls!  And! You can buy them!  And!!  You can meet the models and buy them (drinks)!  How can you turn that offer down?

Stormy Leather from 7:30 to 9:30pm Friday, Feb 8th
1158 Howard St
(between 7th St & 8th St)

More info can be found at (don’t worry – it’s a Yelp link!)

Then, should that not win over your cold, cold heart, there’s more!  It is also Scott’s BIrthday!  Yup!  21 at last!  That means we have to take him to a bar!  And not any bar!  Absinthe! There we can also celebrate (Yah!  Celebrate!) the end of Prohibition with a couple of real absinthe cocktails.

Absinthe Restaurant & Bar
398 Hayes Street
(between Franklin St & Gough St)

We plan on taking over a corner of the bar starting about 10pm depending on how late things go at Stormy Leather.

Please RSVP so we know how many seats to save!

An Engagement in the Blue Room

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Well hello again! Since we’ve last spoke/txt/emailed/blogged/cast or however WE communicate these days, there have been Happy Hours from one end of the United States to the other. In case you ARE ever in Hanalei, Hawaii, the Hanalei house serves a mean Weki Tai. In Leesburg, Florida, I passed over the ice bucket filled with Coors Light and stuck to the Wings at Ramshackles. Oh. My. God. Is that what all the Wings arguments have been about? Argue On! Especially if that means your mouth is too busy to eat and I am left with all the wings… glorious wings… but I digress. Also, the next time you are at Disney World, stop by the 50s Prime Time Cafe in the MGM park for a basil strawberry spiked lemonade, and a mean Hendrick’s martini. Yum!

But now, we are home sweet home in the Blue Room – with lots to celebrate! First, we are home from vacation! Woot! That is reason enough to celebrate, but wait, there’s more! I got a new Tinker Bell Christmas Tree topper! And still more! Ringo is housebroken! That was put to the test this morning when our jet lagged butts went to bed at 6pm last night and didn’t get up till 6am this morning and woke to find him pacing and about ready to explode in front of the door!

There are also all sorts of other things to celebrate, too many to write down really, and no one likes long winded emails so why don’t you just stop by The Blue Room tomorrow (Friday the 30th) about 6:30 or so and we can discuss it in a civilized style over a cocktail or three. If you are already otherwise ENGAGED tomorrow evening, perhaps we can get together to celebrate these events some other time…

Please RSVP so we know how many seats to save! Although the Blue Room is always well-stocked, feel free to bring your favorite beverage to imbibe…. Let me know if you need the address or secret handshake.

Happy Hour: C’est la vie

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I know. You can’t even think right now because you are so damn surprised that there is a Cocktail Confidential happy hour invite in your inbox. And you thought the Boo! ended last night!

Life has been a bit… crazy. Some good. Most … just crazy. I think the last official Happy Hour was in July at a place called Surtra which isn’t even in business anymore. I hope it wasn’t anything we did!

This week, we are going to hit up someplace with a little more staying power – Jardiniere! As everyone knows, they have great champagne! But did you ALSO know, they have Cocktail Confidential’s favorite bartender ever – the guy from our dearly departed C&L. He has a name. I’m sure I know it. But unfortunately he also has a wicked way with the booze, so for the most part I call him HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? We stopped in last weekend and found that he has revived a TON of delicious old school cocktails. Yummy!

So, our visit this week is threefold.

First, and maybe most importantly, to catch up with you, our fellow drinker. I say maybe, because, after a couple of HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail?’s delicious cocktails, we won’t remember what we caught up about, only that, I love you man. No really, I do. *hic*

Second, and maybe most importantly, to learn this mans name. I say maybe most importantly because.. so far… HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? has worked just fine. But knowing his name may help with number three.

Third, and maybe most importantly, to ask HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? if he will go steady with us. Yes. You heard that right. We are going to ask HeyIKnowYou!CanIHaveADeliciousCocktail? to…. be out bartender on New Years Eve. I say maybe most importantly, because as history has shown, even without a bartender, we have managed to make the first day of the year, the most painful day of the year on our own. Having a bartender would only make it easier.

Do we need that?

Anyway, I will be at Jardiniere by 6:30 to secure space for us. Please RSVP so we know how many seats that will be!

Suicide Girls!

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Big Day! I just had a set go live on Suicide Girls. If you are a member, stop by and check it out!

If you are not a member, sign up here so I get credit, then go check it out!

And leave lots of comments so they will buy more sets from me!

Momentary Happy Hour

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Well, in a vain attempt to keep the happy hour ball rolling, cause god knows I don’t want (you) to drink alone, we are having another happy hour this week. I know! Two in a row! Woot!

Last week we met at Barracuda Sushi in the Castro. It was Ringo’s first Happy Hour ( Let me tell you, bringing a 2 pound puppy to the Castro is like bringing a 2 pound crack rock to the Tenderloin or stilettos to a Java Developers Conference. I have NEVER felt so wanted. It was great to catch up with everyone, and Barracuda was AWESOME at upping our reservation from 6 to 12 even at the height of their friday night madness. Naughtiness was had and pictures were taken, but all destroyed for the sake of our political careers.

Sorry. Ya shoulda been there.

This week Scott and I have tickets to see Barry Bonds walk 90 feet for a million dollars at Random Phone Bill Park, but would love to catch up with anyone interested in cutting out of work on a friday to catch a drink beforehand.

We have found a place that looks interesting and seem to be far enough away from the park to be sane, but close enough to let us dash away in time to catch Barry’s first at bat – just in case.

100 Brannan St(at Delancey St)

Bring quarters and arrive before 6pm for real live street parking around Beale and Bryant.

We will be there this Friday (July 27th) from 5:30 until about 7pm.

Please RSVP so we know how many seats to save!

Portland Tour

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Portland Tour

Originally uploaded by Monatopia.

Cocktail Confidential FAQ

Did you remove me from the list? I haven’t been getting emails.

Hell no! We love your drunk ass! Unfortunately, life has required we drink alone lately. Sometimes in other countries and often without much planning. Yes, even less then this. Also, the Blue Room has recently been acquired by some dude named Ringo. He is requiring long hours of face (and lap) time.

Where you in Portland last weekend?

Um, coulda been. Why? What’d you hear? There was a small Cocktail Confidential Happy Week(b)ender in Portland. 5 official Cocktail Confidentialers, Several honorary Cocktail Confidentialers, 3 nights and 20 bars. All I really remember about it was that there were strippers and donuts. And a cocktail. Maybe two. I know! Who’da thought! And for the very first time in my life, I saw someone fall asleep at the rail at a strip club two feet from a naked girl. Well, except when she came over and kicked him. Then she was much closer. To be fair, it wasn’t that great of a strip club. But still, just goes to show you that Portlanders are just spoilt when it comes to strip joints. Damn Them.

When is the next Happy Hour?

Funny you should ask….

Tonight Scott and I will be heading out to the De Young to enjoy an evening of lectures and high punk couture! It’s the last weekend of the Vivian Westwood show and there is a docent tour at 7:30. I’ve not seen this particular show, but it was organized by the V & A in London, so it should be fabulous. I’ve also not been to a friday Nights at the De Young, but being that they promise cocktails, food and live music in a grand setting, it should be fabulous as well.

The only thing that would make it more fabulous is for you to drop those plans I know you already have for this evening, and meet us there.

Done? Fabulous!

We will be there about 6:30 tonight.

Please RSVP so we can keep an eye out for you!

Happy Hour: Bar Hopping in the Presidio?!

Saturday, March 10th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Monatopia.

OK, so last week… wait. If you weren’t there for last week, we can’t tell you what happened or we would have to kill you. Which if we did tell you, and we had to kill you, then we would bury you in the Presidio. Which makes me realize that there are getting to be less and less places to bury a body in the Presidio with all the development lately. Which also makes me realize that some of that development is … food and drink oriented! Woot!

So, this friday, come help us find a place to bury the bodies!

We are going to bar hop from the new, Presidio Social Club, make a stop at the also new Pres A Vi, before heading to the old – Liverpool Lil’s.

Or something like that. We will be in the Presidio Triangle though. Follow the trail of stiletto heel prints dug deep in the new soft grass … or you can simply text us.

ALSO NOTE: There are several of our band of merry drinkers that are having birthday’s. Most importantly to me: my boy, the one who gets the lids off the tight jars, after he gets the jars off the tall shelves, the one who keeps my ipod filled with cool new music, my lifelong pillow, Scott (who is inches from caving in and letting me get a puppy). Also, Melani’s boy John.

So, if you can’t come join us for the body dump search, at least join us for a quick birthday drink! Or Six! Birthday Lamb!? Cake? Spanking?

Scott and I will be enjoying a birthday drink at Presidio Social Club at 6:30pm Friday, Feb 9th. Possibly earlier.

RSVP so we know to keep an eye out for you!

Presidio Social Club
563 Ruger Street (I have no idea. Look at the map.)

Pres a Vi
One Letterman Drive (Maps not going to help you with this one. You should catch up with us early.)

Liverpool Lil’s
2942 Lyon Street

Happy Hour Re-Zoooms

Friday, January 26th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Monatopia.

So, we’ve all been busy with the holidays and the flu and the “But I can’t drink with you guys cause I have to work” and all, but the time has come when we all need to put that aside and see each other face to face. I decided on a bar that is centrally located so those of you in the Mish can’t complain. I’ve also picked someplace cheap so those who are “saving money” can’t complain either.

And the people who review it also complain that it’s not noisy enough, so those of you who complain about that can just shut the hell up too.

Oh wait. I think that was me.


Friday. January 25th. 6:30pm.
Finnegan’s Wake
937 Cole Street

At some point, hopefully before they quit serving food, we will head over to Eos for dinner.

Eos Restaurant & Wine Bar
901 Cole Street

Cole Valley is a cute little hood that we usually forget it there. Come check it out with us! Finnegans’ has board games so get those dice shaking hand in shape! I’m gonna kick me ass at Monopoly!

Expect A Dead Drop Soon

Friday, January 26th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Monatopia.

To:West Coast Assets
From: Chief of Station, The Embassy

Mission: Replace ‘006 with ‘007
Window Dressing: Black Tie Affair Dec 31st 2006, 8:30pm The Blue Room

Don’t arrive naked. Dry cleaning recommended. Babysitters not needed.

The Blue Room is known for its honey pots. Beware.

(Note: You may show as a Raven/Swallow).

Although it may be a wet job, there are no throwaways. Repeat. There are no throwaways!

Tell the bagman to bring a nugget from the Top Shelf. Suggest you get in contact with the cobbler, as Shoes will be required.

Important: EYES ONLY. This is a Black (tie) Operation. The Embassy will disavow any knowledge of you or this mission.

More details to follow.


Cookie Mongoloid Hour

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Cookie Mongoloid

Originally uploaded by Monatopia.

Just a quick note to say that we are heading to see Cookie Mongoloid tonight, but won’t be there until about 10. We whole heartedly invite you to get there early and start drinking so you are good and entertaining for us when we arrive.

They are playing at 12 Galaxies and are rumored to go on at 11:30.
2565 Mission Street btw 21st and 22nd

Last Weeks Recap: Whiskey Thieves would get two thumbs up, but its hard both thumbs up when you are lighting a cigarette, so, only one thumb up. And no. I don’t need anyone to show me it can be done. The Vietnamese place down the street? The one that I can never remember the name of but start drooling every time I drive by? It gets not only both my thumbs up, but most of my toes too.

I wonder if they are open for lunch….