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Thursday, July 16th, 2009


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this is one abused blog. Damn!

We are just finishing up the Eichler (still no name for it. Suggestions??) and should be moving in the end of this month. We already have all of our stuff in storage in Castro Valley waiting for us, so it should be a quick and easy move.

Hahahaha!! Kidding.

Dash just turned 4 months old (remember how we said we were going to move in before he was born? Seems like a million years ago for so many reasons.) He is, in a word, amazing. For the most part he is the happiest, silliest baby. He loves music and laughing and boobies. Just. Like. His. Parents.

Last Sunday he ran the bases at Pacbell, or AT&T or TMobile Park – what ever phone company it’s named after these days. As his daddy said, he 110%. Took each base one at a time. And, of course, he would like to thank Jesus for his talents.

I’m not sure, but I think Jesus was his batting coach.

We have just come off a long dark month with no internet, but should be uploading lots of pictures and videos soon – or both the house and the Dash.

Stay tuned! (er, but don’t hold your breath. It could be a while.)

baby San Filippo

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

baby San Filippo

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Is a boy! And there was NO denying it! The very first view we got was a total Bart Simpson syle shot of him flashing us his butt and … um… outboard motor.

Looks like he is doing very well! He’s even measuring 17 week instead of 16. He was so active we could barely get pictures. Thankfully he tired himself out dancing in front of the camera by the time the Dr busted out the needle for the amnio.

Click on the image to see LOTS more!

Mona’s New Project

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

‘Cause lord knows I need a new project.  I’m collecting recipes from my friends and family ala my grandmothers little tin recipe box.  Click on the little link to the left to read more, or just send me your favorite recipe to be included!